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Sky Rider Unit Overview

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The Sky Rider Unit operates as a classified entity within the 215th Brigade of the IDF Artillery Corps. Tasked with supporting infantry forces, including special forces and reconnaissance battalions, Sky Rider teams act as the 'eyes in the sky,' enhancing maneuverability and ensuring the safety of ground operations.


The teams undergo comprehensive training to operate UAVs, providing the forces with crucial aerial perspectives. Both male and female soldiers participate in the unit, undergoing identical training protocols.


UAVs in Action

Controlled remotely or flying autonomously based on pre-programmed plans, UAVs serve as optimal tools for intelligence gathering, long-distance force direction, and preemptive threat detection. The unit predominantly employs the Skylark UAV, recognized as one of the IDF’s most effective technologies.


In operational scenarios, Sky Rider teams carry the UAVs on their backs, assembling them in the field. The Skylark is then launched using elastic cords, akin to a large slingshot. Guided by a computer system, team members swiftly interpret transmitted images and videos, relaying vital intelligence to forces on the ground.


Role in Intelligence Gathering

With a vantage point from above, Sky Rider teams capture aerial images, offering a comprehensive view of suspect movements, terrorist activities, and ground obstacles. This information is promptly relayed to forces in the field, enabling informed decision-making during major operational activities.

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